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Adil Rami, who played in Fenerbahçe in the first half of the 2019-20 season, made some statements about his career in his autobiography book ‘Autopsy’.

Rami’s words are as follows:

“Lille’s Pascal Planque, Claude Puel, Valencia and Sevilla’s Unai Emery and Didier Deschamps are the coaches that impressed me the most. We had great difficulties with Deschamps at first. Then we had a great friendship.”

“I Apologized To DESCHAMPS”

“I am always grateful to Deschamps. When I won the World Cup, I went to him and apologized. Because we were not good at first. His only thought was to work and he was very strict. I love his work but working 24 hours is not for me. A little bit. need to relax. “


“I love and still support Olympic Marseille. However, I hate only one person in that club. Jacques-Henri Eyraud, the club’s president. He is from the reign of Mickey Mouse and Gufi. He still thinks about football as it was 30 years ago.” He disrespected me. He sent me from Marseille for reasons I don’t know. I couldn’t even talk to the club. One day the facts will come out. I took him to court. He sent me unfairly and I believe justice will be served. “


“If I had a better lifestyle, I would have a better career. Too much nightlife, too many girls … I gained a lot of weight. My biggest problem is that I don’t like to eat. 2 I turn into an average player when I weigh even more than -3 kilograms. It’s a shame. When I’m on the field with 100 percent, you won’t find a striker who won’t be afraid of me. “


“Pamela Anderson strongly accused me. I know why she did this. When someone says something on social media, everyone thinks it’s true. She didn’t want to end me. She especially attacked me as someone who has always helped women who have been subjected to violence. It has no logical basis. Because none of these happened. I have photos and videos that would invalidate what he said. However, those issues are now closed. I don’t want to argue with him anymore and hurt a woman no matter what. “

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