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Antalyasporlu Lukas Podolski, last week that the country remains in Germany’s 3-3 draw with Turkey preparatory meeting in Cologne, had descended commentator for RTL television channel. Poldi made a statement to Fanatik after playing a match.


Lukas Podolski said that players fouled in the Super League do better than Hollywood actors: “Of course, interesting things will happen in the Super League throughout the season and there will be bad decisions. Unfortunately, the referees are enjoying very easy yellow card in the match in Turkey. Based on my UK, Germany and national team experience; For example, here you are doing a normal foul in the match, the opponent reacts as if his leg is broken and he is writhing on the ground. Some rival actors act better than Hollywood actors. The referees immediately panic and take out the card. I think the problems of the last season continued as of the first 4 matches. This is what I see. Of course, we are primarily looking at our own team, trying to be better. ”


“I entered the game in the second half of the last game of Malatya. Out of 45 minutes, we were able to play ball in only 20 minutes. 25 minutes remaining; don’t shout … everyone was talking on the field.

Even a free kick took minutes. In addition, although we were in the pandemic process in Malatya, there were many people in the stands. They swore at us, they acted wrongly. I say it because it is talked about a lot. These are not too important to me, but what I want to draw attention to here is the behavior style!

There is a lot of talk in Turkish football. Super League is always like a drama movie. Every week a president comments on the referees. Another story is written and drawn every week. What happened next week is forgotten, a story is written again. ”


“Fenerbahce made 18 transfers and won the title of transfer champion. What do you think?” Answering the question , Podolski said, “How many players you have received has no connection with taking you to the championship. A team should have chemistry, tactics and philosophy. If you need 18 players, you get 18 players. ” said.

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