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Fenerbahce with Saudi Arabia’s Al Ahli road separating the transfer to Brazilian football team, he returned to Turkey with Besiktas shirt this time.


Super League, which is developing rapidly and stating that before increasing the quality of players by period starring 31-year-old actress, “Especially it’s more quality foreign players than in the past in the teams outside the big four clubs. Turkey five currently available on Europe by me the toughest league after the big league. ” said.


Stating that he observed that the scissors between the teams were getting narrower than before, Josef de Souza said, “This naturally makes the matches to be more challenging and exciting.” spoke.

Expressing that Beşiktaş also has very high quality players, Sambacı said, “We are a team of highly talented players. I think we will be a very good team in a short time.” said.

Brazilian coach Sergen Yalçın also opened a separate bracket, “I did not work with a coach who had such a good dialogue with the players. He is a great chance for us.” used expressions.

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